your head will hurt
you won’t be able to sleep
you won’t forget me easily

3 years ago, five angels were gathered together with the mission to bring happiness to our lives. Jung Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo, Gong Chansik, my angels. I love you guys more than anything.
thanks for making me smile.
thanks for keeping me alive.
thanks for everything.
Happy 3 years




rap mon jumps into the ocean

sal mon

rap mon gets caught by trainer

poke mon

rap mon sells his soul to satan

de mon

Why is it so cold?
Why are they so cold?

Everyone getting it on durin Check On and Junhong just (´ヮ`)

shortest interview in the history of interviews ft himjae

Preview of Nana in BLENDA May 2014